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Why do we need a modest gap between the floor and the wall board/sheet rock?
Moisture can potentially harm the structural integrity of normal gypsum board if it is not attached to the wall with a modest gap between the floor and the bottoms of the wall board/sheet rock. For example concrete typically maintains constant moisture which in turn can potentially be transferred up into the gypsum or its paper backing through absorption/wicking effect. Concrete in many instances can and will continually condensate maintaining a constant moisture level, and if the wall board is allowed to be attached to the wall and rest directly on the floor, moisture will wick up into the wall board/sheet rock with little or no ability to easily release the moisture.
The greater problem is,
over time the board on the walls will become rotten, brittle, and worst, mold and mildew can form. Moisture promotes mold and mildew growth. The hazards of moisture assisting in the growth of mildew and mold expedites a deterioration of the engineered properties of the structural wall values and fire ratings of the wall assembly. Paper backings can deteriorate and leave gypsum exposed weak and brittle.
A solution to keep the integrity of the wall.
To successfully establish a gap and postpone perhaps the inevitable rotting, mildew and mold potential. We have come up with a concept to easily establish a modest gap between the bottom edge of the wall board and the concrete floor. This is where the gypsum, wall board/sheet rock typically mold, mildew and rotting issues occur. A positive example of our lift is; if the floor is flooded and a gap is left under the wall board edge and above the floor, air then has the ability to assist in a more efficient rate of drying it out. It will allow an area for moisture to drip and evaporation to effectively occur at the bottom edge of the wall board. It will assist in the lower portion of the walls to dry more efficiently and assist its normal engineered standards, manufactured specifications, and wall assembly rating.

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